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Faithful soldiers are first in line for news and updates about Imperator: Rome and will earn special rewards. As more legionnaires sign-up, we unlock new rewards for fans of Imperator: Rome.

  • Imperator Rome Reward

    Subscribe to claim the Imperator: Rome themed forum avatars and forum icons.

  • Imperator Rome Reward

    Two additional in-game songs, added to a soundtrack from our official composer.

  • Imperator Rome Reward

    Unlock an exclusive, streamed QnA with Johan Andersson where you get to submit your questions beforehand!

  • Imperator Rome Reward

    Unlock a new video documentary or feature video including behind the scenes footage.

  • Imperator Rome Reward

    Unlock downloadable exclusive art assets including game related wallpaper and concept art.

  • Imperator Rome Reward

    We will be streaming a multiplayer developer clash in Imperator: Rome.

  • Imperator Rome Reward

    Unlock a history lesson with Imperator’s two Content Designers, where they will take you through a tour of the Mediterranean world for the game’s start date.

  • Imperator Rome Reward

    Unlock this tier and we will make a Platypus Legionnaire plushie based on the Platypus error counter in Imperator: Rome and sell it at PDXCon 2019!

  • Imperator Rome Reward

    Unlock a video in which the developers behind Imperator: Rome answer your questions!

  • Imperator Rome Reward

    Unlock a special 5 hours long modding stream with the developers behind Imperator: Rome!

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As more people sign up, new rewards will be unlocked! Unless specifically stated otherwise, reward content will be delivered to participants when the game is released.

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