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Dev Diary #106: UI rework part 2

Dev Diary #106: UI rework part 2

Good day, Jiroro here!

The UI rework is moving along nicely. We still have things to do before we can call it finished but it’s starting to come together. Since the last time I posted, we’ve polished and refined the UIs and their components, so if you look closely you’ll notice some differences from last time. Personally, I have a pet peeve about alignment and spacing in UIs – or lack thereof – so I’m trying to set aside some time for polish too. It’s been really cool to read your comments on my previous Dev diary (#102) because it turns out most of your feedback matches well with what’s currently on my to-do list.

Sooo, today I’m back again to share some UIs.
First up we have some new additions to the Nation Overview.


You’ve seen this UI before, but what’s new here is that you can enable or disable the alerts for individual Nation Decisions now! This is something I wanted to add for quite some time now, so it’s great to have it in. Some of the decisions you simply care a little bit less about ;) Now you can toggle them on or off as you please.


Previously you’ve seen the Nation Overview with Provinces as a list at the bottom of the view. We made it into its own tab, called “Management” for now. More space for Provinces was definitely needed. In the Province Management tab, you might notice there are two ways of viewing your Provinces now: The regular Provinces list as well as grouped by Governorships. Grouping by governorship makes a lot of sense, but one problem is that you wouldn’t be able to sort as freely on Province level this way. We are exploring how it feels. For now, we have both lists available.

Next up is a little something in the Macro Builder:


Now, you can cancel or destroy buildings from the Macro Builder, just right-click on the territory on the map in this mode. It makes a lot of sense to be able to do that here.

Final peek for today is Religion view. Here’s how it looks:




We are letting the descriptions for treasures and Deities take up more space, which makes me so happy. More of that flavor! We’re also adding different images depending on the tier of Holy Site (tier is based on Territory rank just like before) and place them as background images in the UI. The close ups are one of the tier 1 as well as tier 3. Our artists have some serious talent, all this gorgeous art really makes the UI come alive!




That’s all from me for this time around. Have a great week everyone and talk to you soon!